Can I edit this?

Apparently I can.

Should I edit this?

Apparently I am.

Here’s a link to my first post, but I guess you need a reason to click it.

The name I’m going by on the internet is Sunny. Yes. Haha. I’m very funny. You’ll find out why in a moment. But I’m writing this blog as one of the thousand anonymous voices on the internet because, cheesy as it sounds, I have something I can’t talk about to anyone else. So why not blab about it to the internet.

I can control clouds.

Or, because I feel like I should be very specific with this, I can control A cloud. Just the one. It never goes away.  Even when I want it to.

So maybe I can’t really control it, per se, but it’s always there, gunmetal grey and odd compared to everything else in the sky, and since it’s always overcast in my town… yeah. It’s weird no one has really caught on to it, yet. Because no, this isn’t some symbolic whatchamacallit for depression, I quite literally have a dark cloud approximately 6500-20,000 feet above my head. I’m as happy as any high school student looking forward to the ultimate joy of ultimate frisbee, who counts the seconds before he can once again sit and be lectured about how to properly solve for x and don’t ask y

So click the link if you’d like to, or not, and feel free to comment or whatever. This can’t be worse than YouTube.


Oh, yeah, and I guess click here for more explanation for whatever this blog is…? Like, beyond this About Me.


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